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Francisco M. have been fishing for 30 years, Paco Jr. is 25 and has been fishing since he was 5, so for almost 20 years.

They had a fishing store and still having a Tv Show in the south of Mexico ("Lets go Fishing with Paco Marroquin"), with both of them they realized, that they were leaders of opinion cause in the store more than 2500 new rods and reels were sold to people that were begining in the sport, all of them said that was because they wanted to go fishing like them, and catch all the big fishes that they catch in the TV show. With this a lot of people decided to have their own fishing store and at the same time time decided to do something else; Tabasco has the 30% of the fresh water in Mexico, that means a lot of big rivers , all of the flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and for sure one of the best fisheries in this country. They have been discovering a lot of unknown places for fishing in Tabasco, but they wanted to do something diferent, something that reawake the interest of the people, so they find out that there is no better way to do that than FLY FISHING, and artistic technique, very pleasing to the eye of the beginners, and exciting for all the profesional that pratice conventional fishing. 

With the help of a lot of people in USA very good friends of them, now the interest of the people to practice Fly Fishing is growing, but How? 

With a lot of changes in the format of the TV show (now they use fly fishing most of the time), and having an operation that takes local and foreign people to Fly Fish Tabasco, looking for juvenile Tarpon, big snook and many other species that are abundant in these waters, that is how Fly Fishing Tabasco was born. 

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